Cardiff Kung Fu training centre – changes to class times May 2016

Please note the following changes to training times

Non-training dates

  • Due to the room being used for election purposes, there will be no class on Thursday, 5 May.
  • There will also be no class on 30 May due to the bank holiday.

    *Use this time to practice your forms and as a challenge, complete a 100 burpees for time on both non-training days.

Note: Although it is a bank holiday, the centre will be open on the 2nd of May and training will take place as usual.

Nam-Pai-Chuan training in Malaysia 2016

Come and train with us in Malaysia in 2016!

Sifu Pace is taking his students to Malaysia to train with Si Gung (grandmaster) Lai in August 2016.

If you are blue belt or above, you have the opportunity to travel to Malaysia to train with the Nam-Pai-Chuan masters and students, including the opportunity to train with Master Leow Cheng Koon (please see history page).

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and should not be missed.

More information will be available in the upcoming months so register your email address on the news and social page to get the latest updates.

Cardiff Central Kung Fu News and Social Updates

cardiff centralWelcome to Cardiff Central Kung Fu. This is where we will update all our current Facebook feeds, news and social events so be sure to check out what’s happening. When you train with us you will meet new people, make new friends and learn valuable skills. We often go out for dinner to traditional Chinese restaurants or participate in fun activities as a group so remember to check the website and follow us on Facebook. All beginners are welcome to come and train with us. More details can be found on our training info page and remember that your second class is free.
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